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Enticing Brushstroke Cakes

A brushstroke cake can actually make a dramatic statement and the best part of this cake is that you can customize it according to a specific event.

Attempting them is no herculean task. It only requires a flavoured syrup. Melt the syrup in one heatproof bowl. Once melted, pour the same on the parchment paper and use a brush to pull it into a desired shape. Harden it in refrigerator before using it over a cake.

Now, you should know about the different eye-dazzling designs-

  1. Art of chocolate :

This rich chocolate cream brushstroke cake is the perfect delight for any party. The aesthetic design of this cake will make you put a second thought before giving it a first bite. Each bite of this super delicious cake will transcend you into the food heaven. If you have an artistic mindset, this pure chocolate cake will definitely leave in a state of amazed.

  1. Abstract of chocolate:

We often go to the art gallery to see some amazing piece of arts and crafts but truly how many of us really expect to see some top notched abstract art in a cake? Yes, this cake can be easily defined as the piece of art. The base of this cake is made of pure chocolate while the colorful brushes are made of ice fondants and the entire cake looks really vibrant with an artistic approach.

  1. Orangey Delight:

This orange flavored brushstroke cake is a perfect pleasure for the eye. Each bit on this scrumptious cake can easily make you reach to the heights of foodgasm. The orange syrup on this cake makes in tastier.

4: Strawberry Magic:

No doubt, this cake is a pure magic for cake lovers! The subtle flavor of strawberry coming with the melting cream can satisfy each of your taste buds. This cake comes with the unique brushstroke design that can catch the attention of anyone.

  1. Heaven of colors:

Just a look at this cake can enlighten the mood of anyone. This amazing colorful cake comes with a great mixture of flavors. This cake may look complicated but you can easily make it in your home as it is actually easy to make.

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